11 of our top hosts received the prestigious award in the recent 2019 edition.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is one of the most highly sought-after awards in the travel industry. It honors hospitality businesses that consistently deliver impeccable service over time, as judged by TripAdvisor users’ reviews and ratings. The Certificate of Excellence must be achieved and is especially coveted as only 10% of the 8 million businesses are presented with this achievement. So we’re particularly thrilled that 11 of our stand-out star hosts received this Certificate in 2019!

From a MasterChef  serving up gourmet plates in Paris to a home chef with generations-old family recipes in Rome, our 11 hosts awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence come from all walks of life but have one thing in common: a passion for bringing people together through food. Read on to discover who they are then book your seat at one of their tables for a truly excellent experience.

Martine & Olav in Amsterdam, Netherlands

While overlooking one of Amsterdam’s many canals, you can enjoy a delightful 4-course meal of traditional European dishes with local couple Martine & Olav. These former musicians-turned-chefs create everything from  fresh ingredients and expertly pair it with different types of wine, all sprinkled with lively conversation. Martine and Olav, former owners of a successful French restaurant in the city, love meeting new and different people from all around the world, cooking for them and sharing stories because, as Martine always says “there are no strangers, only friends that we haven’t met yet”.

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Jean Yves in Paris, France

In the heart of Paris, you have the chance to be treated like royalty as Jean-Yves, the 2012 winner of MasterChef France opens his stunning home to you for an exclusive and unforgettable dining experience. Enter his culinary world to enjoy a gastronomic 4-course menu with boutique wine pairings; discover a perfect harmony of taste, colors, and smells; meet fellow gourmets and experience the magic of social dining.

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Debora in Rome, Italy

Discover the Roman way of life with host Debora in her beautiful apartment on the cusp of Vatican City. Here, you’ll be welcomed with open arms before tucking in to an authentic lavish 4-course menu inspired by typical Mediterranean dishes, accompanied by an endless flow of wine and Debora’s meticulous explanations about the secrets behind each dish.

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Rudi in Barcelona, Spain

Host Rudi will proudly present his Mediterranean-inspired menu, an intricately prepared, thoughtfully presented and environmentally friendly fine dining feast. In a unique venue in Barcelona, you will be able to share a table with travelers from around the globe while looking on as every dish is created in the open kitchen. Book Rudi’s Eatwith experience and savor an artwork full of flavors, textures and colors.

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Diana in New York, United States

From a private dinner party to an intimate cooking class or social dining experience, from traditional filipino dishes to holiday whoopie pies, crispy risotto balls or tacos , there’s nothing that Diana cannot do.  As your host, Diana makes everything from scratch using fresh and nutritious ingredients, pouring her love into each meal and creating flavors that were delicious and mouth-watering, not to mention that she also takes really good care of your dietary restrictions, no matter how complicated they are!

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Federica & Barbara in Rome, Italy

In the Eternal City, you can pull up a seat with a  real Roman family and enjoy a tasty home-cooked meal prepared by our hosts Federica and Barbara. In an elegant location in the heart of Rome’s Trastevere quarter, this 5-course menu which includes locally-sourced, seasonal products, homemade pasta, delectable desserts and complimentary wine is sure to the highlight of your stay in Rome.

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Fiamma & Debora in Rome, Italy

Fiamma & Debora invite you to join them at their home on the top of the Gianicolo Hill, a unique location in a famous and historical neighborhood, with stunning views up to Piazza Venezia. With their elegant living room and large outdoor terrace, it’s the perfect place to eating and drinking with new friends! This dynamic mother-daughter duo offer a variety of experiences from cooking classes, food tours and even a blindfolded sensory dinner!

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Emilio in San Francisco, USA

For a one-of-a-kind evening in San Francisco, join local host Emilio! A true party person, Emilio is known for his tropical sounds, delicious cocktails and a menu inspired by the “Spice Trail” cuisines of the Caribbean but with a modern Californian twist. African, Spanish, Taíno and Middle Eastern (Jewish & Arabic) flavors come together to make up traditional Dominican dishes. You can also join a hands-on cooking class and learn to make empanadas from scratch with locally-sourced organic ingredients.

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Antonio in Madrid, Spain

Looking for something to do in Madrid? Don’t miss Italian-born host Antonio’s fusion dinner! He combines the best of Spanish and Italian cuisines and uses only the finest Mediterranean ingredients. Antonio also offers other experiences such as his 3-course traditional Italian dinner made from his grandmother’s family recipes, and his homemade pasta making workshop and sit-down dinner.

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Dimitris & Savaas in Athens, Greece

Join Dimitris & Savaas in Monstiraki Square, the historic center of Athens. On an impressive rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the Acropolis, you’ll be treated to the ultimate experience of traditional Greek hospitality and the best locally-sourced ingredients. A true taste of Athens!

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But that’s not all! We have incredible hosts all around the world, each with their own rave reviews. Discover other hosts and destinations today!