You saw him on MasterChef and now fan-favorite Fred Chang is giving you a chance to experience his cooking magic through Eatwith.

MasterChef Season 10's Fred Chang

MasterChef Season 10’s Fred Chang first wowed the judges with a whimsical, beautifully plated malted chocolate cake that represented his culinary dreams. The dessert impressed the judges so much, it landed Fred a white apron and a coveted spot in the top 20. Throughout the season, he continued to wow the judges with his technique and plating, making it to the top 10. That is until a raw filet mignon got the best of him. The good news is elimination wasn’t the end of Fred’s culinary journey. He’s now an Eatwith host cooking up exciting pop-up dinners in Los Angeles.

We caught up with him to get the scoop on his cooking inspiration, time on MasterChef and his Eatwith experience.

Tell us about yourself and your foodie story. How did you get into cooking and why is it important to you? Do you have another career outside of cooking? Any culinary accomplishments you’d like us to include?

I started by baking vegan cupcakes in high school for my friends. From there, I learned how to bake classically and then cook savory food. When I’m not cooking, I’m doing my job as a revenue analyst for two hotels in Southern California.

Why host with Eatwith?

I love the accessibility. Hosting helps me get my food and story out there to a larger audience and allows me to be part of a community of food lovers.

Who is your foodie inspiration and why?

Gabrielle Hamilton for savory cooking as she never wastes ingredients and cooks in an autobiographical style.

Dominique Crenn for plating because of her poetic cooking style.

Now, let’s talk about your favorites. What is your favorite cuisine?

I specialize in Asian fusion – the Asian being Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese and the other cuisine styles being French, Italian, and Montenegrin. The style just represents me immigrating to America from Taiwan. One of my favorite dishes to make are dumplings because they are eaten internationally.

Tell us about your MasterChef experience Favorite memory from the show?

My favorite memory from MasterChef was meeting all of the amazing people on the show. Being on the show has opened my eyes to new techniques and styles and I’ve grown so much because of it. Since the show, one thing I’ll always do is to make sure my food tells a story.

Tell us about your Eatwith experience. What can guests expect from your event?

From my event, you can expect beautifully plated food with an Asian fusion twist. Plus, you’ll get to meet my fellow-contestant Bri, who will also be hosting with me!

Masterchefs Fred and Bri's dining experience in Los Angeles

What message/feeling do you want people to take away after they’ve tasted your cooking.

I want people to be introduced to new ingredients and styles of plating and cuisine.

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