Discover the international flavors of New York City that make it such a unique foodie destination at some of the best culinary experiences in town!

New York City is known for its amazing food scene. Thanks to the many different waves of migration and the different cultures and people that call the city home, the culinary landscape is extremely diverse. While steak, oysters, and Waldorf salad are all New York classics, there are so many exciting cuisines to discover. Get a taste of the real dining scene in New York at one of these top 4 Eatwith events!  

Turkish coffee and fortune-telling in the East Village

Turkish coffee and fortune telling

This one-of-a-kind experience will give you a glimpse into the Turkish tradition of coffee and fortune-telling that dates back to the Ottoman Empire of the 1600’s. You’ll start with a cup of steaming coffee prepared on a bed of hot sand. Once you’ve finished the coffee, host Uluç will read and interperet the remaining grounds right in front of your eyes. Learn your fortune while you nibbling on Turkish Delight and other sweets.

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Filipino food tour and lunch in the East Village

Filipino food tour

Raf is an expert when it comes to Filipino food. He’ll take you on a deep dive into the history of Filipino cuisine, as well as its external influences, while you eat your way through curated menus featuring the best Filipino food in New York. Featured on Buzzfeed, this East Village Filipino food tour is something you won’t want to miss if you’re in New York! Get the details on his Filipino food tour here. 

Seafood tasting menu in Brooklyn

Seafood tasting menu

Host Ai grew up in Japan and brought her culinary influences with her when she moved to Brooklyn. Now she grows her own herbs on her rooftop garden, and uses them in her seasonal, 8-11 course seafood tasting menu with Japanese influences. Learn more about Ai’s Japanese seafood tasting menu in Brooklyn. 

Italian comfort food in Williamsburg

Italian comfort food

While Italian food is abundant in New York City, there’s nothing like a homemade dinner featuring classic recipes, lovingly prepared by an Italian-born chef. Host Giuseppe will introduce you to the culinary delights of Naples, his home town, while telling you the stories behind each dish. If you’re looking for real Italian food in a cozy, friendly setting, then look no further! Find out more about Amato’s Italian comfort food dinner in Williamsburg here.

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