Eat with locals in New York

From famous pizzerias to a remarkable NYC bagel, from the best pasta dishes to delicious ramen, culinary delights await you wherever you are in the five boroughs.

See New York like a local!

From Manhattan to Brooklyn, New York has a variety of restaurant, diners, takeouts, and more, to satisfy your every craving. Be it for tacos, noodles, cocktails, burger, or sandwich, The Big Apple has the variety of meals, places, and restaurants. Try all the signature dumplings, noodles, bagels, cronut, and pies from each famous restaurant and takeout vendor. Discover all the flavors and pass each storefront that NYC has got to show.

From an exquisite delectables Tea Party in the Westside to pastrami in Little Italy, to an unforgettable dinner in Chinatown, New York has something for everyone. Our local hosts are here to give you an insight into what makes ‘the city that never sleeps’ so special.

Wander through the Met Gala. Visit the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Pass all the storefronts in 5th Avenue and don't forget to take photo. Then, explore all the renowned place, restaurants, spots, and meal. Of course, you can’t miss their New York-style Pizza; Famous for their crisp crust, this is the one dish where extra toppings are always welcomed, so don’t be afraid to ask for those extra onions and beef slices according to your preferences!

Book reservations at the best restaurants, hunt for the best cupcakes, explore all of NYC’s best ice cream, our passionate local hosts will welcome you to their venue and give you a taste of this Metropolis. Find our experiences in The Upper West Side, Upper East Side, East Village, Harlem, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and much more!

Why choose Eatwith

We are absolute food experts

Our mission is to connect the best local chefs in New York with adventurous food-lovers from around the world.

We are the leaders in social dining

Social dining is the best way to make new friends around a table of delicous and authentic food.

We offer truly unique food experiences

Try one of our immersive dinings, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

The Eatwith highlight

Explore all the dishes & flavors with local chefs in their own homes

Roam their neighborhoods, taste their cooking, and enjoy their hospitality. You are invited to our amazing hosts’ homes and private venues to allow for the most authentic traveling experience there is in New York.

  • Our hand-selected local hosts create unique dining experiences in their own homes or private venues. Check if wine is included in your experience!
  • Browse the menu and contact your host if you have any dietary requirements. They can create a custom menu just for you.
  • Dine at a communal table with New Yorkers and other people from around the world. Get insider tips and recommendations from those in the know.

The best cooking classes in New York

Make impressive dishes with local chefs

Mark your calendar and prepare your chef’s hat, our fun and interactive cooking classes in New York will teach you how to make everything from bakery to French onion soup, to Mexican meat carnitas. Cook noodles for lunch, bake cronuts for supper, and craft tacos for dinner; Create your favorite dish and surprise yourself with fabulous flavours.  Update yourself with NYC’s newest and hottest recipes. Steal secret cooking techniques from top diners. Book your reservations now! Browse all our top New York cooking classes!

Our top-rated cooking class in New York

Fun food tours in New York

See all the renowned places and spots

Be it for the cocktails, cheesecake, the pastrami, or meat pies, see a different (and tastier!) imagery of NYC on a variety of immersive food tours with Eatwith. NYC has plenty of restaurants ranging from chic to cult-favorite. Join our passionate local hosts who will take you all around their neighborhood and show you the best burger and bakery in the likes of Brooklyn, East Village, Lower East Side, and everywhere in between! Reserve your spot on an Eatwith New York food tour today.

The best food tour in New York

Meet some of our local New York hosts

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