This International Women’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight on our community of hosts and the stories behind their success.

We’re celebrating the talent, passion, dedication, grit, and legacy that each and every one of our hosts embodies – in the kitchen and in their everyday lives. Here are just some of the women who are rocking it in their kitchens around the world.

Host Raquel – Philadelphia, PA

Host Raquel

I was born and raised in New Jersey by immigrant parents from the Philippines. My fondest memories growing up were around the kitchen table and so I have always been passionate about food and culture. I hope to tell a story through the dishes I create.

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Learn how to make Raquel’s Shanghai lumpia

Host Dina – New York, NY

I was born and raised in a family that has a passion for cooking and food. Having owned a restaurant in the former Yugoslavia, everyone in my family knows how to use the stove. I welcome you as the Bosnians do – when you enter my home you enter my heart.

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Learn how to make Dina’s tradtional Bosnian pie

Host Tonoya – London, UK

Host Tonoya

I believe my deep understanding of ingredients and the ability to create complex flavors with minimal ingredients make my food exciting. My new supper club brings you flavors that celebrate the diversity & colors of India.

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Learn how to make gourd kofta & creamy watermelon seed sauce

Host Afia – Los Angeles, CA

Host Afia

I was born in Accra, Ghana and my ethnicity is Ghanaian, Burkinabe and Egyptian. I cook dishes from around the African continent. Our cuisine is all about flavor, exotic aromas and techniques. One might say it is a labor of love and I’m ready to share it with you.

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Learn how to make Afia’s jollof rice

Host Laura – Barcelona, Spain

Host Laura

I was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Puerto Rico and now I’m living in Barcelona. My passion for food began when I was a child, learning to cook with my grandmothers. I am passionate about expressing my love for cooking and culture and using everything I learned from my family, my career and on my travels, to create culinary events where my guests feel at home!

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Learn how to make Laura’s tres leches cake

Host Toya – New York, NY

Host Toya

I was first introduced to the kitchen by my Caribbean family when I was 10 years old. From that point on, I became obsessed with mastering Caribbean techniques, along with sharing my passion for food. When you eat at my table, I’m sharing my personal story through recipes passed down to me.

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Learn how to make Toya’s family seasoning

Host Holly – London, UK

Host Holly

I’m a passionate foodie and I love to welcome guests around my communal table for great food and to great stories! I use locally sourced seasonal produce from my local butchers and fishmongers & all my dishes are packed with big flavors. 

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Learn how to make Holly’s sticky toffee pudding

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