Discover Eatwith’s mouthwatering vegan experiences around the world.

Healthy dining is all the rage right now, with professional chefs around the world scrambling to impress even skeptics with their meals. While there are several forms of healthy diets, more and more people are gaining interest in the diet or in the culinary arts around the vegan or plant-based menus. Eatwith invites you to dive into the trend headfirst by tasting some of the best dishes around the world.

Chefs and home cooks alike have been perfecting their vegan and plant-based menus, and occasionally host lunch or dinners at their venue through Eatwith. Now, you can become one of their guests and take part in an exclusive event! Let them wow you with their best version of a proper meal, whether you are following the diet yourself or are excited to try a new experience. There is absolutely no lack of flavor and texture in dishes with reduced meat, and these chefs make sure their dishes are tastier than your average restaurant’s. It is never a bad idea to indulge your taste buds and satisfy your stomach!

Enjoy some company, share some laughter, and let these hosts around the world entertain you. Here is a comprehensive guide to Eatwith’s best healthy dining and what they have to offer.

7- Course Fine Dining Vegan Supper Club

The event’s headline really sells itself, an exotic supper club served by Chef Marc, an award-winning and passionate cook with plenty of culinary experience around the world. You have the privilege of joining him in a weekly pop up supper club and experiencing his travels through the 7-course British dinner with unique twists and locally sourced ingredients. Get your appetite ready to experience this amazing dinner! Click here to reserve a dinner with Marc

African Vegan Dinner Party in Playa Del Rey

Chef Afia welcomes you to step into her warm, eclectic home in Los Angeles which will transport you straight to Africa as you walk through the front door. Her dishes will indulge all of your senses as you smell and see a whole range of plant-based dishes, all made with the love and passion for cooking. Do not miss out on this modern twist to African cuisine and find the most friendly and welcoming host in Afia. Book your table with Afia here!

Plant-based, vegan dinner by a Paris chef

You are invited to a special Parisian meal in chef Loly’ colorful and cozy apartment, smack in the middle of Belleville, Paris. Whether you are vegan or not, you will love her 4-course plant-based meal prepared with the passion and love of life, travels, and most importantly, food. The colorful dishes reflect Loly’s extensive experience in the global culinary world, and you will enjoy both her company and amazing meal. Click here to try her colorful plant-based meal!

Colorful Plant-based tasting menu in Madrid

A lunch or dinner with Pablo never fails to delight guests with an amazing plant-based meal made of seasonal and local ingredients. An amazing dessert and a round of drinks will let you leave with your hearts full after a joyous meal, no matter where you are from. Enjoy Pablos hospitality and extensive knowledge of Madrid, whether you are a tourist or a local sharing their love of the city. Book your spot now!

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