The end of November marks an important holiday and all the food we get to eat!

Thanksgiving Thursday in major cities like New York or Los Angeles means a weekend full of celebration around the hearth. Plate upon plate of food abound as this traditional feast feeds mouths across the US. In a restaurant at Saddle Peak, a home on Wilshire blvd, steakhouse takeout, or hotel casa del mar, Thanksgiving is celebrated everywhere.

This Thanksgiving, Eatwith is ready to have fun with all the dishes served by amazing hosts and chefs. From appetizers to dessert, there is no limit to all the options guests can choose from. Pumpkin pie, cornbread, and cheese abound wherever guests choose to dine

Turkey or bbq is always on the menu, with cranberry sauce and biscuits or other sides. Otherwise, some venues serve vegan options. With so many NYC restaurants serving Thanksgiving menus, there are multiple locations to choose from. Guests may have reservations for a dine-in supper, pre-order the meals, or even opt for pick-up. Food during Thanksgiving is always memorable!

At Eatwith, guests can also opt against the traditional turkey dinner. Think out of the box and choose a cozy diner, ancient tavern, or even a michelin-starred korean steakhouse. Celebrate over a good brunch, some strong bourbon, or find restaurants available for pickup, nothing is off the table! Find the last seating to taste a la carte urban at a pop-up. Otherwise, find a good assortment of pies, or eat whole pies alone! Adjust the menu with the price you are willing to pay, or cut down the cost with preorders and a package. Basically, Eatwith is there to accommodate any needs during this season, and this list includes some guest favorites. 

Entertaining Thanksgiving Dinner in LA

Leland is ready to host the ultimate Thanksgiving meal. His vision to create an intimate dining experience with live entertainment came true. This dinner invites old friends or family to gather around the table to feast on a 5-course dinner. The small plates are followed by lemon sorbet to cleanse your palates. Then, enjoy fried turkey with gravy paired with sage, biscuit, potatoes and greens for the sides. A classic sweet potato pie is served for dessert to complete the meal.

In addition, guests eat while enjoying great live music at this LA venue. Adults are welcome to enjoy drinks. Food, art, and music, combined with the decor, create an ambiance to live for. There is nothing more pleasing than good food, company, and music to complete your Thanksgiving!

Michelle is hosting the dinner to attend in New York City for Thanksgiving. Her event is the definition of feasting, an endless triad of classic dishes on the table, it’s basically a buffet. From butternut squash, mushroom, to cranberry, the starters alone are amazing. Enjoy turkey and its stuffing with sage for the main course with too many sides to keep up with. Brussels sprouts, carrots, and beets turn into delicious dishes. Finish the feast off with classic pumpkin pie and a lot of drinks!

Eatwith dining experiences take guests out of the restaurant and into unique venues to taste even more flavors. These dinners are highlights of the season, and seating is limited. No matter the location, guests are guaranteed a great time with amazing food! Visit Eatwith’s website for more info and book a seat now.