Snow topped roofs, twinkling lights, and soft hymns playing at every corner, the Christmas vibe is truly unbeatable.

A winter, however, is not complete without Christmas markets. These sprawling events are a travel destination in themselves, really

Wooden stalls selling hot chocolate, Christmas decorations, and warm food call visitors from far and wide. Festivities and entertainment abound, an ice rink or carousel twinkling, and choirs sing into the night. These markets are truly the best thing about winter! Compiling a list of the best markets across Europe is not easy, but these are some definitely worth visiting. Find out the dates and locations of these magical events, and you are set to go.



The city of Strasbourg is known as the capital of Christmas, famous for its picturesque streets, cozy atmosphere, and most importantly, an amazing Christmas market. Christkindlmarkt draws in millions of visitors per year, starting in November and lasting well into December. This city on the east of France is just simply a winter wonderland, with the market highlighting the experience.


Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz boasts an impressive ice rink, toboggan, and winter food and drinks to enjoy. Bratwurst and beer overflow while guests enjoy activities outside. A fun winter palace to bring family and friends to experience a white Christmas while enjoying outdoor activities, Berlin’s historic marketplatz is just full of life.


The city’s multiple markets stretch across the town’s destinations. From the amusement park, city zoo, and gardens, these Christmas markets follow the theme and offer a truly unique experience. You can shop for ornaments, eat your fill of food, and go sightseeing across the city. Once you visit a place, there are always other markets to explore and more food to eat!


Manchester hosts a chain of markets from the Winter Gardens to the shopping district. There are all kinds of activities to do while sipping on a mug of classic hot chocolate. Eat your fill of Christmas snacks and sweets while enjoying time with loved ones during the advent season.


The Christmas market here highlights amazing light decorations across streets and gardens to create a beautiful illuminated city. Featuring a picturesque ice rink around a pole and strings of light, this market draws in visitors from far and wide. Arguably the best in Poland, Warsaw’s cozy market is just perfect for winter afternoons.


Tallinn, Estonia, boasts a truly magical Christmas market. A classic fairy tale themed market highlights traditional food like black pudding and sour cabbage all handmade. The market also hosts community activities and crafts for the children to come and experience the season in its entirety.

There is only one rule when it comes to Christmas markets. It is forbidden to feel sad! Eatwith invites you to visit cities you have never been to this holiday. Enjoy the Christmas markets and join locals for the best experience possible. Find out all you can do on Eatwith’s website