It is always best to start the year off right and set the mood for the rest of the year. The best way to do that? A good meal.

A great New Year Eve’s dinner is just what you need to get the year going. At Eatwith, chefs from all over the world open their doors for guests to come and dine for New Year’s. They have been preparing signature dishes and outlandish menus for this momentous night. There is nothing more special than getting a fresh start by eating your favorite meal. Surround yourself with the best company while enjoying a great meal. Eatwith gathered guests’ favorite events for the New Year, so you can take your pick. 

A Secret Supper with House Concert in Florence

Florence, at the heart of Italy, boasts architecture, sculptures, and cozy streets. What some people do not realize, however, is that those beautiful streets serve the most amazing food. This New Year’s Eve, homes open up to welcome guests, celebrating the holiday together.

Valeria is serving a traditional Italian dinner this New Year’s Eve. Using quality fresh ingredients, they create classic dishes which will soothe your soul. Then, complete the dinner with live music by talented professional musicians. The music, food, and company are the Italian art of enjoying life, as our host says. Toast to love and a unique memory this year end!

New Year Celebration by GAiETY in Berlin

Berlin is also the capital of fun! The German winter is perfect for a cozy night in, enjoying great food while celebrating the upcoming year. Luiz understands this, and welcomes friends to come and enjoy his food together at home. With extensive experience and a multicultural background, he serves the most colorful food.

In the words of our host, Luiz, the dinner will be an entrée of elegance, a spectacle of superlatives, delicately crowned with decadence. A night of champagne, amazing dishes, and of course, dancing! Celebrate the New Year in style with your loved ones at this cozy venue. Let yourself go all out this New Year!

Festive truffle dinner with a MasterChef in Paris

Paris is home to world class chefs, including Jean-Yves, who earned the title of Masterchef a few years back. This New Year’s Eve, he welcomes you to Le Marais and into his home to enjoy a delicious dinner. His 4-course truffle menu is ready to amaze.

Enjoy salmon marinated in truffle oil for starters, a savory gambas, then a rossini ostrich for the main course. The dinner is completed with dessert and a cocktail by the chef. His dishes are a fusion of Asian and French cuisine, blended together to create an explosion of flavors. Jean-Yves just loves to challenge the palate, creating flavors with stories to become truly works of art.

New Year Eve on a Roman Terrace

Rome is full of art, romance, and also amazing cuisine. Rocco and Fabio just love hosting, cooking for guests in their cozy Roman home. This New Year’s Eve, they invite guests to enjoy a traditional feast on their terrace.

Rocco and Fabio’s Italian menu is just ready to amaze. Traditional hors d’oeuvres such as crostini, friselle, or frittata di patate all make an appearance among other starters. The main courses focus on pasta and a choice of meat, from meatballs to braised beef and even a vegetarian option. All together, the dishes make for an unforgettable meal of the best quality in Rome.

From Paris to Florence to Berlin, Eatwith will celebrate New Year with you anywhere. There is truly no way better to start the year off than a good meal. Celebrate with new friends or old ones, eating your favorite food or exploring a new menu. Wherever you are, the New Year experience is one you should remember, especially if it is with Eatwith. Our favorite hosts and chefs are waiting for you at their own places. They just can’t wait for a memorable start to 2022!