Geoff’s love for cooking started at a young age and most of his dishes are of Japanese influence, but the ingredients depend upon what’s in season and wherever he travels. Learn more about Geoff and his love for cooking in his interview below!

Who or what inspired your love of food?

I got started young with food, both parents are good cooks. Had a garden growing up that we would harvest from which gave me a good sense of seasons and what fruits or vegetables really taste like. Always had free reign in the kitchen to play around and try things, many times it didn’t turn out to be edible…

What’s the thing you like most about hosting your guests?

I love when the group is interactive, up out of their seats and asking questions. Being in a situation where I can foster curiosity and create an environment where people feel comfortable in the setting to engage is extremely rewarding.  The concept of Ichido stems from Ichigo Ichie “One time, one moment”. It’s a matter of being present in the moment as this encounter will never be recreated.

What new flavours or cuisines are you hoping to try this year?

The food I cook is rooted in Japanese but influenced by what is available with the seasons and from my travels.  I’m looking forward to international travel again soon but haven’t set any plans as of yet.

Where in the world have you tasted the best food?

Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean, all have very different ingredients and flavors but I love how fresh and intensely regional the food can be.

Which ingredient would you take with you to a deserted island?

Salt is always number 1, but I could make that on an island. One ingredient that I love is galangal, such a dynamic flavor that adds a little punch to any dish.

How has the social climate of the past two years affected you professionally?

“Social dining” is an integral and core element of the experience at the events, having to remove the social part of it was quite a kick in the shins. I was able to pivot with meal kits for a bit but once the parklets started opening all over San Francisco, people had cabin fever and just craved a semblance of normalcy in the dining realm. Though I do love the parklets and it certainly helped many restaurants survive the pandemic I had to pull the plug until the restrictions had lifted. Luckily I was able to focus on commercial fishing and do some consulting. I’m thankful and happy to start Ichido up again though.

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