Giuseppe is from Naples, Italy, and loves to express his hometown through his cooking. From family traditions, to travelling, to tasting new cuisines; he loves to do it all!

Read more about his love for food and favourite memories below.

What is your favourite childhood memory of food? What flavours take you back to that childhood memory?

When I was a child, I liked baking cakes with a variety of fruity flavours with my Mum.

What inspired your love of food?

My love of cooking comes from my family because we show it as a way of loving each other! I am very patient so I like to spend a lot of time cooking food in detail. I live in Naples where the food is famous all over the world, this is also a big inspiration! 

What are your favourite things to prepare for your guests?

All Neapolitans like cooking in my city. Pizza, sfogliatella, babà and tomatoes are great! I cook for my guests pizza, pasta and a Neapolitan dinner with typical products.

What do you love most about hosting guests?

I love hosting! Bringing together people from different places to eat and drink all together is my favourite part.

Where in the world have you tasted the best food?

I love travelling to other countries, and I like Spanish and Greek food in particular.

How has the social climate of the past two years affected you professionally?

During the pandemic, I didn’t work with cooking but a lot of my guests sent me photos of their cooking from all over the world! It was great! I am excited to welcome guests back and ready for new experiences!

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