For a taste of the South of France, Marie-Christine invites you to her home in the Nice hills for a communal dining experience with a spectacular view! From sweet treats to tasty truffles, you will experience all that French cuisine has to offer with Marie-Christine’s experiences, which include a Mediterranean cooking class.

We caught up with Marie-Christine and asked her about some of her fondest food memories.

What is your favourite childhood memory of food? What flavours take you back to that childhood memory?

My favourite childhood food memory is a cake made with cookies, coffee, and buttercream. The waiter who brings back this childhood memory and the taste of coffee-soaked cookies. 

What inspired your love of food?

My love for food was inspired by the countless recipes my mother made when my parents invited people over.

What do you love most about hosting guests?

I love to welcome guests because my greatest pleasure is to talk with them and about their culture. I also love that I get the opportunity to set up a beautiful table and introduce them to our local culture.

What new flavours or cuisines are you hoping to try this year?

New flavours that I would like to test in the coming months are the truffle that will complement our local cuisine. I plan to go to the Périgord Noir in August precisely to take an interest in this tasty ingredient. 

Where in the world have you tasted the best food?

The best food I have tasted in the world is French food. Each French region has many very different dishes and tastes from north to south.

What ingredient would you take with you to a deserted island?

On a deserted island I will take seeds of different spices to plant them in order to season the fish that I will catch on my island.

How has the social climate of the past two years affected you professionally?

I have not suffered professionally from the climate of the past two years because I have been able to continue my work from home.

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