Ignacio comes from a family of foodies. He loves to merge traditional Spanish cuisine with flavours from all over the world, to offer his guests a truly excellent experience!


Supper club with Ignacio in Valencia

What inspired your love of food?

Since I was very young, my parents have always given a high importance to cooking. Each day we cook a different dish, where love, passion and innovation are the common ingredients of our kitchen.

What do you love most about hosting guests?

The most special part of hosting guests is to learn something different about each one. Their culinary food styles, their cultures, or just their opinions about Valencia and plans for their trip. It’s great to have them at home and make them feel part of the family from the moment they arrive. 

What new flavours or cuisines are you hoping to try this year?

In the near future I would love to visit India. I have always been a huge fan of Indian food, even cooking my own curries and homemade samosas at home. I would love to visit India and learn from the locals how to cook their great and flavoured dishes.

Where in the world have you tasted the best food?

When I was 20 years old, I went to London to work as a waiter in one of the most posh and luxury restaurants of the city centre. During my stay, working inside the kitchen of an important restaurant, I had the chance of tasting the best fish, meat and other type of dishes that I had never tasted before.

What ingredient would you take with you to a deserted island?

Rice. Rice can be really useful for many different dishes and cooking styles. You can have a paella, a side for your curry, a white rice for a Mexican burrito…Moreover, in Valencia we have La Albufera, a sea salt lake where rice it’s been cultivated from many centuries ago, so the rice is very loved and popular in Valencia.

How has the social climate of the past two years affected you professionally?

It’s clear that we all have adapted our ways of living and working due to the pandemic. We have to stay strong and look onwards, because we can’t refuse to do the things we love to do. Like joining with family and friends around a table and enjoy a good food with our loved ones.

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