Here are our top tips on what to do in Tel Aviv for a day, if you’re a foodie looking to eat just like the locals do. Experience the vibrant culinary scene of the non-stop city, which is often referred to as the capital of culinary of the middle east at its utmost potential, in just a day.

what to do in Tel Aviv for a day

About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, one of Israel’s biggest cities, is undoubtedly the busiest. It’s attracting youth from all over the country to live in, which has brought an immersive scene of nightlife, bars, cuisine, and, of course, tourism. 

Probably, this is how the city has become a popular tourist destination renowned for its vibrant and diverse food scene. With its accessibility, friendly atmosphere and an abundance of culinary delights, Tel Aviv offers a unique experience for food enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Being a tourist in Tel Aviv

Due to its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Tel Aviv is an ideal destination for tourists. English is widely spoken, and many establishments have menus and staff who can assist visitors in multiple languages. The city’s vibrant and cosmopolitan nature ensures that tourists feel at ease while exploring the culinary scene, and locals are often eager to share their knowledge and recommendations.

Furthermore, Tel Aviv is quite small, the perfect destination for a day trip. It’s easy to stroll around, enjoy a day at the beach, visit one of the local markets, and have a nice dinner all within a 15-minute walk. 

The atmosphere in the city is very lively, perfect for strolling around the markets or the nice neighborhoods during the day, finding your peace at the beach, and enjoying a cold beer in one of the many bars.

Saturday in Tel Aviv: Shabbat Dinner

Tel Aviv has a great reputation for accepting everyone, ‘come as you are’ is a quite common phrase among its residents. That is why you can’t leave the city without experiencing true Tel Aviv hospitality at a Shabbat Dinner. It’s quite a unique experience! You can enjoy the city’s young and festive atmosphere while learning a lot about the families’ traditions, traditional food, Shabbat rituals, etc.

Our host Anat enjoys sharing her family stories with a great, joyful dinner, with a Jewish-Israeli mindset. You’ll get to try the famous dishes, interact with other guests, meet Anat and her beautiful family, and have a great time. Aviva, another lovely host, is inviting guests to her intimate apartment in the city to enjoy Friday night the way she grew up – traditional food, enjoy relaxing ‘together-time’, connecting cultures, and having nice drinks to celebrate the weekend. Last but not least, if you are looking for a fine dining Shabbat experience, Chagit, a young chef, with a great location by the markets of Jaffa, offers exactly that.

Weekdays and Sundays in Tel Aviv: Carmel Market

If you’re in Tel Aviv on any day but Saturday, you have The Carmel Market is one of the most famous ones in Tel Aviv. Located in the heart of the city, it’s bustling with stands, sellers, fresh ingredients, and great food. When the market became increasingly popular, it also became one of the top spots in the city to try its finest, secret culinary sweet spots.

Our host Jon hosts tourist-friendly private dinners just by the market, a Carmel Market specialist, he offers the best food tours in the city. With Jon, you’ll buy groceries in the market, taste some specialties, and then go to his very cool place by the market to have an Israeli cooking class, based on the fresh ingredients you get at the market. Jon also enjoys sharing some beers and wine with his guests, so a great time is definitely guaranteed. 

Tel Aviv on Any Day: Eat With Locals

As we said, this non-stop city has a lot to offer! The best way to explore the local cuisine is to join locals in their homes for a full culinary immersion into Israeli culture, through their home cooking. The warm atmosphere is always welcoming to tourists, and the locals are always happy to share their food, drinks, and knowledge around the town. Join one of our experiences, and you’ll leave with tips and tricks to make for an impressive trip.