The Hottest & Best Supper Clubs in London

The Eatwith team is here to help you find the best supper club in London to join. Whether you’ve fallen in love with Rahel Stephanie, the woman behind the Indonesian supper club, Spoons, or you’ve seen a TikTok for a ladies’ dinner supper club, we can help you find the perfect supper club to satisfy your taste buds and meet new friends at the table! 

supper club london with host sohini and her husband

What is a supper club?

It’s the 21st century. Gone are the days of just ‘dining out’. If you’re bored of being waited on and served expensive drinks, you need to jump on the trend of attending supper clubs in London. 

A hybrid between a dinner party and a restaurant, often taking place in a chef’s home, or cafes closed for the evenings. Supper clubs foster cultural exchange, closing the distance between a chef and their guests as everyone sits together at dinner. 

They can take place in pop-up locations around a city, or in the chef’s own home. Sometimes they have a theme, usually revolving around the culture you’re eating. Regardless, it’s always a fun, chatty, and chilled-out evening.

These intimate dining experiences offer an exciting new way to dine out. And although most supper clubs are for insiders only, often well hidden, raved about, and widely rumored. Here at Eatwith, we make London’s supper clubs accessible. 

Whether you love to meet new people or even if you’re not comfortable making conversation with strangers, at supper clubs the food is the centerpiece of the night. So you’ll not have too much trouble finding something to chat about. 

That’s the charm of supper clubs. Many of the people you’re sitting around with are solo diners, who booked independently of one another. Part of the fun of attending a supper club is not knowing who you’re going to meet, and sometimes what’s on the menu. The menus are often seasonal and dependent on what the local butcher, farmer, or fishmonger bought on the day.

Supper clubs offer a unique dining experience that is both intimate and social. If you’re looking for something different from the traditional restaurant experience, then a supper club is worth considering.

Through Eatwith, you have access to all the best supper clubs in London. Our ethos: social dining to bring people together in a world increasingly going socially cold. 


October Supper Clubs in London 2023

So now that you’re acquainted with London’s supper clubs, let’s get you taking part in one. We have London supper clubs for locals and visitors. Supper clubs for those who enjoy meeting new people while on a night out, where everyone dines at long, shared tables, where family-style dining is encouraged. As well as we have some more private supper clubs. Just for you and your crew, at an intimate-sized table. 

We know that as a Londoner, you hate to leave your neighborhood, so we have split this section into four parts: East, South, West, and North London supper clubs. If you’re a visitor to the city, pick your side. We aim to update this page every month or so make sure to come back if you don’t see anything today that strikes your fancy. Or keep up to date on our Instagram: @eatwithlondon

South London Supper Clubs

crayfish boil, london supper club in bermondsey

Louisiana Crawfish Boil with Crayfish Bob

A crawfish boil (alternatively crayfish or crawdad) is a traditional food event originating in Louisiana, the deep South. This is why it only makes sense that this supper club is in South London’s Bermondsey. Rooted in Southern and Cajun culture, these boils are a gathering of friends and family to celebrate and enjoy delicious food.

Feel bad for the crawfish? Don’t. The crawfish caught by Crayfish Bob at this feast is the invasive American Signal Crayfish that threaten the British native crayfish and other life. Bob is doing an amazing job in ridding our waters of this pesky interloper. So you can munch through all the crayfish you like, safe in the knowledge you’re helping the environment! 

Also, there’s live music to get your feet tapping from Crawdaddy’s Blues Band. 

Where: Gosnells Taproom – a taproom on the legendary Bermondsey Beer Mile 

How much: £54

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Smoke and Lime: Kolkata Roots Supper Club

You’re invited to Sohini’s Indian supper club at her home in Camberwell, London! Join Sohini’s dinner experience, hosted with her husband, this September to try her family’s traditional Bengali recipes with her own twist.

Spicy, sour, and umami… expect to indulge in flavours that pack a punch. All the while you meet others, as you dine at a communal table.

Where: Camberwell  

How much: £55

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Feast of the Maharajahs Supper Club in Chef’s Islington Home

Join Michelin-trained Chef Pratap and his wife Nikhat in their beautiful Islington home and indulge in an evening of big, bold flavours and meeting new people.

Celebrating 10 years of hosting supper clubs, the Feast of the Maharajahs Supper Club explores the cuisine of the royal houses across India over the past 600 years from the Mughal empire to the 20th century royal families. With recipes, stories, and folklore from the royal palaces and history books, this is the food of India you’ve never seen before.

Where: Islington  

How much: £54

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East London Supper Clubs

Hackney, Hackney, Hackney… lovers of the Real Housewives of Clapton, natural and orange wine at London Fields, and a sarnie from the Dusty Knuckle… these are our favourite Hackney supper clubs. 


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An All-Things-East London Supper Club 

Everything on Michelin-trained Chef Aidan Brooks’ hyper-local menu is cultivated, foraged, produced, or sourced from Hackney, where Aidan was born and bred.  

Aidan’s 7 or 9-course menu changes with the seasons. In the summer, you’ll be served ricotta gnudi with Hackney Downs leek, onglet tartar, goat’s cheese croquettes with preserved Clapton rhubarb, toasted brioche with Stoke Newington apples…  

Where: Stoke Newington 

How much: £70

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Asado Argentino: Authentic Argentinian Barbecue in Clapton

This Clapton supper club involves cooking over fire (or “asado” as they call it).  A big part of Argentinian culture, join the feast in your host Marcos’ garden.  culture.  

Crack open a bottle of red, and drink while you nibble on charcuterie… All the while you wait by the fire for the first cuts of meat and veggies to be ready. You’ll get to try all the different cuts, so you can explore and savour the difference in textures and flavours. 

Your host can also cater to vegetarians! While meat is a big part of the culture, the heart of the “asado” is actually sharing the moment and enjoying the company. Join this supper club for a full belly, a racing heart, and a lasting smile. 

Where: Clapton  

How much: £66

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West London Supper Clubs 

If you want a classy Notting Hill supper club…. 


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Ghannouj’s Table: A Fragrant Journey Through Lebanese Food

Try real Lebanese home cooking at Ghena’s supper club in west London. Titled Ghannouj’s Table, she strives to recreate the cherished memories of her grandmother’s Sunday lunches. There, the flavours and hospitality were abundant, and every dish was prepared with love and care. Each menu created is a testament to the time-honored traditions passed down through generations. Come join Ghena to celebrate the essence of Lebanese home cooking.

Where: Fulham  

How much: £60 

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Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll have a supper club in Notting Hill popping up very soon… 


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