What exactly is a supper club you wonder?

A hybrid between a dinner party and a restaurant, often taking place in a chef’s home, or cafes closed for the evenings. Supper clubs foster cultural exchange, closing the distance between a chef and their guests as everyone sits together at dinner. Sometimes they have a theme, usually revolving around the culture you’re eating. Regardless, it’s always a fun, chatty, and chilled-out evening. ​

Before booking you’ll be presented with a tasting menu of what you’re going to eat. Although there isn’t much flexibility in the dish you chose, supper club hosts are always very accommodating in adapting the dish to any dietary restrictions and intolerances! And let’s be honest, when it’s a Friday night, the last thing you want to do is to have to choose anything. The chef knows best.  

crayfish boil, london supper club in bermondsey
Crayfish Boil Supper Club in London

Supper clubs enable chefs to fully embrace their style and cuisines. They’re not restricted by any rules of a head chef at a restaurant. The temporary nature of supper clubs allows aspiring chefs to test out their concepts before committing to a permanent location. And this also means that you can often get some amazing food for a fraction of the normal price. Supper club chefs are not as concerned with overhead costs as permanent restaurants, so they can pass the savings on to their customers. With a lot of the hosts cooking in their homes, you would be surprised how affordable supper clubs can be.

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