Learn about the best Rome street food tours to fully explore the street food in Rome with a local that knows its best. We’ll help you to start planning your trip to the city that needs to be explored by eating it. 

Are you a foodie who loves to explore new cuisine and savor flavors? If so, then you must visit the eternal city, of Rome, and indulge in its delicious street food. A gastronomic tour of the vibrant streets of Rome is not only a fun and exciting adventure but also an opportunity to savor traditional Roman dishes that have been passed down for generations. In this blog, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through the streets of Rome and give you an insight into what to expect from a food tour.

rome street food tour

Explore the streets for Suppli al Telefono 

Street food in Rome is synonymous with Suppli al telefono, which is a deep-fried rice ball stuffed with ragu sauce and mozzarella cheese. The dish dates back to the 19th century when the telephone was invented, and the stretched cheese inside the rice ball resembled the telephone wire. A food tour will take you through the narrow streets where you can sample some of Rome’s most delicious and authentic Suppli al telefono spots.

Savor the world-famous Pizza al Taglio

Pizza al Taglio or pizza by the slice is Rome’s crème de la crème when it comes to authentic street food. Made with high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection, this traditional Roman pizza is served by weight and is cut into small rectangular slices. It’s perfect for taking on the go and indulging in a quick and delicious snack while you explore the city. A food tour will take you to some of the best and most historic pizzerias in Rome.

Don’t Forget Gelato

No street food tour of Rome is complete without sampling the city’s famous gelato. Rome’s gelato is popular for its rich, creamy, and intensely flavored varieties such as stracciatella, pistachio, and hazelnut. Not only is it a refreshing treat to savor during the hot summer months, but it’s also a perfect snack while exploring the city’s iconic sights.

Indulge in the quintessential Roman treat, Carciofo alla Giudia

Carciofo alla Giudia is a typical Roman Jewish dish, which translates to Jewish-style artichokes. The dish requires taking fresh artichokes, cleaning them, and deep-frying them to a perfectly crispy golden brown texture. It’s a quintessential Roman street food that you cannot miss while on a food tour.

Try Fritti Misti

Fritti Misti, or mixed fry-ups, are small shops that sell an array of fried dishes such as vegetables, seafood, and meats. These fried treats are a simple and delicious way to try different local cuisine. It’s a perfect stop to indulge in snacks while taking a break from touring the city’s popular sights.

Explore Roman Street Food with a Food Tour

What to expect from a Rome street food tour?

Most street food tours in Rome are around 2-3 hours long and will take you through some of the city’s most authentic neighborhoods. Your guide will lead you to local eateries and food stands where you can sample mouth-watering treats and learn about the history and tradition behind each dish. It’s a fun and interactive way to experience Rome’s culinary scene.

Types of Rome street food tours

Option 1: Self-Guided Street Food Tour

You can do some research ahead of time and visit the markets in smaller authentic neighborhoods on your own if you’re limited on time or want to be a little more independent.

Option 2: Commercial Street Food Tour 

A quick Google search will bring up plenty of popular commercial food tours like Eating Europe or the Roman Food Tour. These are not bad options as you will still be able to experience the local cuisine and learn about the culture and history of Rome with your guide.

Option 3: Eatwith Street Food Tour 

Eatwith tours are similar to commercial tours in tour duration but are more customizable and offer smaller group sizes as well as the option to privatize your tour. Eatwith’s guides are locals who know all of the best places to eat street food in Rome and they aren’t afraid to take you off the beaten path. You can find information about our Rome street food tours here! 


If you love food and you’re looking for an exciting and delicious way to explore Rome, then you must embark on a street food tour. From Suppli al Telefono to Carciofo alla Giudia, and Pizza al Taglio to Gelato, you’ll experience the city’s culinary delights and learn about its history and traditions. So next time you’re in Rome, make sure to explore its vibrant street food culture with Eatwith and experience the city like a local.