Aidan, the culinary visionary behind Eleven98, embarked on a remarkable journey with his Hackney supper club. Previously, he served as the Head Chef of Vanilla Black. His boundless creativity in the kitchen, fueled by a commitment to hyperlocal gastronomy, found its ultimate expression through Eatwith. It was around a dining table, in close interactions with his guests, that he could finally realize his own culinary dream. Proximity, both to the diners and the ingredients, became the keyword and the mission of the chef he has become.

“The guest doesn’t wanna just come to sit on a table and have a completely anonymous experience, they want to see what is going on and to interact with that because it brings them closer to the food they are eating. This concept is all about intimacy and closeness between the produce and themselves. It’s even more important for them to see the process”.

What makes Eleven98 unique is Aidan’s innovative use of ingredients. He knows when they’re at their best and in season, so his menu changes regularly. This means every visit to Eleven98 is a one-of-a-kind experience. Aidan’s dishes aren’t just food; they’re a taste of Hackney’s ever-changing local offerings.

“The produce is unique, people are unique, there is no uniformization of the products, always new things. As I forage and I go to the same places all the time I can see when things are blooming, It’s the whole cycle I am observing and offering.”

Aidan’s passion for sustainability and permaculture principles extends far beyond the plate. Many of the ingredients used at Eleven98 are sourced from his own vegetable garden, underlining his dedication to reducing the ecological footprint of every dish.

In essence, Aidan’s story is a testament to the power of Eatwith in amplifying creative culinary minds. It allowed him to transform his passion into a dynamic, ever-evolving dining experience that reshapes the urban foodscape for both Londoners and tourists. Aidan’s journey invites us all to rediscover our cities, connect with our communities, and savour the flavours that change with the seasons, all in our own backyards.

“No matter where my guests come from, locals or tourists, as they are eating locally grown food, they are going to connect to it.”

Through Eatwith, Aidan’s Eleven98 has become a pioneering force in a movement that transcends mere dining. It showcases how one creative mind can profoundly impact a city, cultivating deeper connections, embracing sustainability, and celebrating the dynamic nature of urban life, one thoughtfully crafted meal at a time.