Barcelona supper clubs, chosen by our staff, that you have to join! The perfect scene to dine on the best of local Barcelona produce and meet others at the table! 

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Eatwith Staff Pick the Best Barcelona Supper Clubs

Barcelona is a diverse city full of unique architecture, beautiful beaches, and great food. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to Barcelona soon, you may already be creating a list of important places to go and things to see. Visiting Gaudi’s most famous works like La Sagrada Familia or Park Guell may be at the top of that list. Or maybe you really want to shop at the famous street Passeig de Gracia and swim in the waters of Barceloneta Beach. 

These are all great places to visit, but if you’re a foodie you don’t want to miss Barcelona’s dining scene. The best way to do that? Dine with a local, like a local. That’s what Eatwith is all about! Locals are inviting you to dine with them, all over the world. As the Eatwith team has been to quite a few supper clubs, we’ve asked three of our staff based in Barcelona for their recommendations! 

Our Staff’s Favorite Barcelona Supper Clubs (Dinner Experiences):


our charming South Europe community manager

Joe’s Table: Social Fine Dining Hosted by Chef Joe of Clandestino Kitchen

Joe’s Table is a culinary experience inspired by Joe’s heritage and travels around the world. He is a passionate foodie and lover of “honest food” who cares deeply about the ingredients he selects to cook and serve.

Guests can expect a seasonal and local menu that features creative dishes that cross continents and culinary history. Joe pairs his menu with excellent artisan wines, carefully selected from small wineries that dedicate themselves to producing exceptional wines. More than just a restaurant; it is a unique environment full of art, design, and joy. Joe invites guests to immerse themselves in a culinary experience marked by his heritage, personal history, and passion for food.

This 5-course tasting menu that is Iberian in nature is community manager Gaia’s favorite experience in Barcelona. She had three main reasons for choosing this experience. The first is that it is a fine dining experience in which Chef Joe is innovative and very detail-oriented. From creating the menus to plating the dishes everything is very well done.  She also appreciated how “the chef has international roots and provides details and explanations for each course and recipe.” You leave the dinner with a good understanding of what you just ate and why it was prepared that way. Lastly, the event takes place in an “intimate and secret location” that adds a layer of fun to the dinner.

Join Joe’s table!

Anna and Karen

our hardworking interns (we wish them all the best as they’re now back in the States to finish their studies) 

Fine Dining Fusion Menu: From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean Hosted by Chef Rudi

A unique fine dining experience, Chef Rudi invites you to try his fusion tasting menu! The dinner involves new combinations of flavor, color, and texture to deliver an amazing dining experience for sophisticated palates. It is based on molecular cuisine and involves Latin American and Mediterranean ingredients. Rudi opens his kitchen space up for you to experience some of the most exciting and radical culinary choices on offer in Barcelona.

Chef Rudi is one of Barcelona’s top-rated hosts and his meals are consistently raved about. Marketing and community interns Anna and Karen both said this fine dining fusion menu was their favorite experience. Karen described the meal as “very different and interactive”. They liked the creativity behind the dishes and the way he paired flavors. Anna also added that “the plating was amazing. One of the desserts was a bonsai tree with a chocolate trunk and green sponge cake foliage that stood up on the plate.” She described it as “one of the coolest things [she’s] ever eaten.” Chef Rudi explains each element of every dish and even speaks three languages- English, German, and Spanish. Karen and Anna got to eat dinner with two guests from Germany! 

As you can see, there is a diverse range of experiences and food variety in Barcelona even just in the few dinners we highlighted. This is great because it means there is something for everyone! If any of these staff pick experiences sounded interesting to you, just go for it! Eatwith experiences are often the highlight of people’s vacations. So while planning your trip, book an experience to add to your list of activities. 

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