Cities are better visited through the eyes of locals.

This Veganuary we, at eatwith, invite you to discover the best eco-friendly spots in Paris, with the guidance of our eco-hero
host, Catherine. This is your chance to discover the secrets of sustainable living and dining in Paris. So, join us on this eco-conscious journey through the city of lights–you might even find the best vegan recipes and food in town.

The Rise of Veganism in Paris 

Paris – the city of love, fashion, and delicious croissants – is becoming a plant-based hotspot.

Gone are the days when French cuisine was celebrated only for its meat or dairy dishes. Now, Parisians are seeing increasingly more vegan restaurants.

The vegan scene is growing in Paris and it’s exciting to watch the city embrace this popular lifestyle, alongside other sustainable initiatives. The fact that it’s the home to the first-ever vegan Michelin Star restaurant showcases this vegan revolution. However, there’s more than fine-dining vegan experiences to discover in Paris. 

Below we discuss how the organic and local produce scene is rapidly growing, and how veggie alternatives to the most iconic French dishes can be found almost anywhere. Yes, even croissants and cheese platters.


A Parisans Guide to Veganuary

Host Catherine is one of the most popular eatwith hosts in Paris. She’s a local food enthusiast and hosts an amazing 5-course French dinner in Paris, just a stone’s throw from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Focusing on fresh, organic ingredients, and warm hospitality, it’s no wonder she has hundreds of rave reviews about her amazing, local experience.

Catherine, by nature, is a true eco-hero. We’re lucky enough to get her insider tips on living a sustainable lifestyle in Paris.

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True Foodie, Real Passion, Great Local Host

Having grown up with a restaurant-owner father and inspired by her love for culinary arts and a passion for hospitality, Catherine became a chef and host, eager to share her skills with guests.

Catherine hopes that every dining experience with her leaves guests with lasting memories and a deep appreciation of the dishes and local delicacies she serves: “I enjoy entertaining, sharing, exchanging ideas and addresses, and all this over a convivial dinner. I host a lot of Americans, Canadians and Australians who say they feel the freshness of the products in my kitchen. This is important to me.

The Best Local Cafe and Croissant

At eatwith, we want to support travelers’ quests for local food in Paris and around the world. That’s why we asked Catherine to share her favorite spots and, among them, recommendations for plant-based cafés or bakeries in Paris. She also shares tips on living a sustainable lifestyle in the city.

“My favorite café is close to my home,
Arsenale Di Bastille, on Bourdon boulevard, it’s a bistro that serves organic coffee, which is rare in Paris, and for croissants it’s just down the street from me, a bakery from the group Boulangerie Terroirs d’Avenir (organic flour boulangeries) which you can find around Paris.”

As there are numerous bistros, cafés, and bakeries in Paris, Catherine’s two suggestions are actually rare gems.

Organic products in Paris

Not only is organic coffee arguably more delicious but it’s also a sustainable choice. Why? Organic coffee is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals, which reduces its environmental impact. You can find some places in Paris that always serve organic coffee–check out Bel Horizon Coffee Roasters, for example.

Organic flour is a unique find as well. Terroirs d’Avenir’s organic flour is sourced from heirloom grains which are not commonly found elsewhere. Terroirs d’Avenir takes pride in supporting local French producers and promoting high-quality, organic ingredients. Their organic flour also guarantees high-quality and delicious French pastries.

By choosing to consume these every-day favorites in the most sustainable way, you will also be helping the economy, environment, and local farming.

When asking Catherine her favorite places to enjoy a vegan lunch in Paris, she recommends La Bossu in Montmartre, and Gramme3 in Le Marais. It’s important to mention that these are not 100% vegan spots, but their products are local and organic, so everyone can enjoy them while supporting local produce and ingredients.

The Best and Fresh Local Ingredients in Paris

Catherine believes in the importance of locally sourced food and when it comes to fresh and organic she’s a true expert: “I shop at the Bastille market, where there’s a farmer who sells organic produce and a fisherman who’s the best in Paris. It’s a bit pricey, but freshness and seasonality are guaranteed.”

While Catherine goes for the best of the best (and our guests can testify the difference), she also explains how easy it is to find local produce around the city. “Local produce comes from the suburbs or the provinces near Paris, and there are organic markets in Paris at 1,
boulevard Raspail and 2, boulevard des Batignolles. Now you can see more and more gardens being cultivated on Paris rooftops.”

There’s no doubt that the rise in veganism in Paris has also impacted the increase in local eateries throughout the city. Fortunately, if you’re visiting Paris or live in the city, you can easily keep up a plant-based lifestyle. It’s also great to see that you can be an eco-hero for yourself as a tourist by shopping locally.

Vegan Recipe by a Paris Chef

One thing Catherine takes pride in as an eco-hero is her attention to seasonality. 

She has special recipes for every dinner and loves using seasonal ingredients to provide a delicious local food experience. So, with vegan food in the spotlight this Veganuary, we chose to highlight one of Catherine’s cozy, winter vegan recipes. “I love taking inspiration from other recipes and making something new. This one is simple, delicious, and beautiful”

Organic pumpkin stuffed with warm risotto:

  1. Boil two small organic pumpkins in hot water for five minutes
  2. Keep the pumpkin water. Let the pumpkins cool before cutting them in half
  3. Scoop out the insides and cut the flesh into smaller pieces
  4. In a pan, mix the pumpkin pieces with olive oil, onion, mushrooms, parsley, salt, pepper, and spices. Then put it aside.
  5. Start cooking the rice with some garlic
  6. Using the pumpkin water from the pan, cook the rice by slowly adding more of the the liquid every few minutes for the next 20 minutes
  7. When the rice is ready, fill the pumpkins with the delicious risotto
  8. Serve and enjoy. Bon Appetit!

If you would like to see more organic recipes, check out Catherine’s Instagram where she generously shares her kitchen secrets. 

pumkin risotto

Eatwith Veganuary in Paris and around the world

“I am curious about everything, I love wandering around and, above all, I love to travel”.

If you’re like Catherine, January is best for exploring something new and indulging your curiosities–and we’ve got your back. Eatwith offers guests the most unique and unforgettable dining experiences. 

You can make the most of Veganuary whether you’re in Paris or traveling across the globe. From this great vegan supper club in London, to this vegan food tour in Athens, you can enjoy local, vegan food experiences around the world and join a dinner table like no other.

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