Fish buffet with a Venetian sailor

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The experience in a nutshell

Type of the event

Dinner, Italian

Maximum guests

10 guests

Time of the event

8:00 PM (2.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine, Guests can bring alcohol, Wine, Aperitif, Sparkling Wine

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Served with traditional Venetian chichetti

Main Dishes
Deep fried shrimp with lemon
Served on a bed of polenta
Sarde in saor
Sardines cooked in the style of ancient Venetian seamen
Handmade pasta with fresh fish
I usually use canoce, a shellfish from the Northern Adriatic Sea
Baked in foil with leek
Cuttlefish and polenta
Grilled prawns
Served on a slightly spicy pumpkin mousse

Side Dishes
Peppers stuffed with chickpeas
A mix of fantastic, colorful vegetables
Handmade focaccia bread

Panna cotta
Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 2 days before the event.

If you privatize the event, free cancellation up to 2 days before the event.

$72 Price per guest