Tasty Portuguese Food Degustation

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Type of the event

Dinner, Portuguese

Maximum guests

10 guests

Time of the event

6:00 PM (3 hours)

The host speaks

English, French & 1 more

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine, Coffee, Water, Juices

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Homemade bread, seasoned olives, aromatised butter, Serra da Estrela and Azeitão cheese
Roasted chorizo sausage
Typical roasted chorizo in Portuguese brandy
Crunchy Garden-fish
Typical Portuguese entry made with deep friend green beans and served with homemade mayonnaise
Bolhão Pato clams
White clams sauteed with white wine, garlic and parsley

Principal dishes
Codfish with cream (bacalhau com natas)
The famous Portuguese dish made with Bacalhau (dehydrated codfish), with fried potato cube and juicy béchamel sauce.
Alheira de Mirandela com Ovos e Grelo
Alheira with turnip greens is a typical dish that can be found in typical Portuguese taverns, we use Alheira de Mirandela (PGI), with sautéed turnip greens and poached eggs.
Drunk Pears
Pears from the west region of Portugal, cooked at low temperature with red and port wine, muscatel and spices.
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You will not be eligible for a refund if you cancel your booking.

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