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Discover a different side to a city on an immersive food walk and market tours. Our local hosts will show you all their favorite places to eat, drink and have fun!

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Eatwith is a global leader in providing authentic culinary experiences. With over 5,000 friendly hosts across 130+ countries, we welcome guests every day for immersive food tours. Put on your walking shoes and discover a city from a local's perspective. Uncover hidden culinary gems, meet artisans behind the scenes, and shop where the locals do. Whether it's a personalized guided walk in Barcelona's iconic La Boqueria Market or exploring hidden wonders in New York's Little Italy, an Eatwith food tour allows you to explore a city on foot. Experience the vibrant food culture and create delicious memories!

why choose eatwith?

We are absolute food experts

Our mission is to connect the best local chefs and food connoisseurs around the world with adventurous travellers.

We are the leaders in social dining

The best way to make new friends and learn the local culture first-hand when traveling.

We offer unique food experiences

Try one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

top food tours around the world

Try a tiramisu trail around Rome, go on a bikes and beers tour around Austin, or shop up a storm in a traditional grocery store in Tokyo, Japan. Our local hosts know all the best (and secret) places in their town!

Our food tours:

  • Are all small groups so you get personalized service
  • Include several stops and the chance to pick up local souvenirs
  • Help you avoid tourist traps thanks to our hosts' insider tips and tricks!

the best budget travel idea - food tours with locals!

"Traveling on a tight budget doesn't mean you’ll miss out. You don’t need to sacrifice experiencing the local food culture or meeting locals. It also doesn't mean all expenses will be at an all time low. As an experienced traveler, I learned it is actually about choosing what will provide you with the richest experience. And with that said, doing a food tour with locals is a great option".

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what to expect in a food tour?

Food tours with locals are a great way to experience the authentic flavors and culture of a new city. At Eatwith, we believe that food is more than just sustenance - it's a way to connect with others and create lasting memories.

Our platform allows travelers to book unique dining experiences with local hosts, who are passionate about sharing their love for food and their city. From home-cooked meals in cozy kitchens to street food adventures in bustling markets, our hosts offer a variety of options for every palate.

Not only do these experiences offer delicious meals, but they also provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. Our hosts are happy to share their stories and insights while cooking and dining together. This creates a personal connection between guests and hosts, making it much more than just another experience, but a lifetime memory!

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