Eat with locals in London

London is known for its unique social dining scene. From new London secret supper clubs in hidden locations to once-in-a-lifetime pop-up dinners, there are so many cool things to do for foodies. If you're looking for somewhere amazing and unique to eat, local to your stay, then we've got the tours and hosts for you.

Experience London like a local!

Welcome to London, the capital of England where everything is so Victorian and iconic! From the architecture and decor of street buildings, the river Thames, the historical park and theatre, to the British Museums with amazing interiors you should visit!

As the most multicultural city in Europe, more than 250 nationalities can be found in London and with so many languages spoken, it makes it easy for new visitors to feel welcome. And for foodies, it means a paradise of remarkable multicultural taste for meat lovers to vegetarians and all diets in between! In September or December, our experience features delicacies for vegans and meat-eaters alike. You don't want to miss booking one of our Eatwith experiences in the city at night.

As one of the major players in the capital's cuisine-loving community, we've got the perfect dining events and places for local Londoners to enjoy, which will totally change the way you experience a meal. From breakfast to pop-up dinners and supper clubs, to cooking classes led by professional chefs and food tours that will show you the hidden side of London that only a few locals know about, we've got it all! Whether it is March or October, lunch or dinner, the flavour and ingredients of all the courses aim to be the particular highlight of your London experience.

Discover our vast selection of recommendations and book a seat for a weekend afternoon Tea Bus tour with pals, enjoy authentic tacos and fresh coffee, relish in an authentic Chinese dumpling cooking class, or feast on Vegan fine dining Supper Club in a cool venue. Otherwise, feast on homemade pizzas, or overload your palate with 7 courses of fine dining, power up your device, and choose an experience from our website according to your preferences!

Keep your eyes peeled for every unique pop-up event and supper club!

The London social dining scene is thriving, and on Eatwith you'll find the best supper clubs in London and pop-up dinners that you're going to want to book, stat! Hosted by prominent chefs in rare, secret locations, our Eatwith hosts are taking social dining to the next level, so make sure you have a booking as one of our exclusive guests. The London social dining scene is thriving, and on Eatwith you'll find the best supper clubs in London and pop-up dinners that you're going to want to book, stat! Hosted by prominent chefs in rare, secret locations all over town, our Eatwith hosts are taking social dining to the next level, so make sure you have a booking as exclusive guests. It's a wonderful treat for you and your friends.

Why choose Eatwith

We are absolute food expertsOur mission is to connect the best local chefs with adventurous food-lovers.
Social diningJoin a communal table and share an incredible moment with other guests.
Unique food experiencesTry one of our immersive dinners, lunches, brunches, tastings, food tours and cooking classes with local hosts.

The Eatwith highlight

Your remarkable food journey in London wouldn't be perfect without experiencing dinner parties like the locals, with amazing hosts and chefs at beautiful venues and exclusive local restaurants. Available any time – February or November, Tuesday or Friday – our events never cease to amaze.

With Eatwith, you can get yourself invited to taste the home-cooked local foods straight from our hosts' homes, learning all about London, its history, and the hosts' multicultural upbringing in a fun and exciting way! Grab some tickets, snap some pictures, and devour the meal. Enjoy the ambience and relaxed atmosphere over a glass of pinot noir and make sure to have the best meal of your week. 

Explore our favorites: from a classic English dinner in a church near Notting Hill, an authentic 8-course Malaysian Supper Club, a Filipino Street Food Feast, to an intimate and cozy evening French modern seasonal dining on the hidden private terrace! These adventures will be the highlight of your trip or a weekend in the capital of England full of flavours. Wherever you're staying, you can still eat local; supper club and food tour choices cover every area and community, ensuring real support of local chefs, restaurants and specialist home cooks alike.

Just make sure you have reservations, come hungry, and leave with a radiant smile on your face! 

  • Our hand-selected local hosts create unique dining experiences in their own homes, restaurants or private venues. If you prefer a specific drink, check if wine is included or if the event is BYOB!
  • Browse the menu and contact your host if you have any dietary requirements. They can create a set menu just for you.
  • Dine at a communal table with local Londoners and other people from around the world.

London cooking classes

The selected hosts of Eatwith in London are friendly food lovers and professional chefs with multicultural innovation on their plates, and they are more than happy to share all their personalised tips and tricks so you can learn to make their recipes of delicious foods right from their kitchen.

With cooking classes, whether it is March, September, or December, you will always find an event for you. Try a traditional dim sum workshop, discover how to make gluten-free pasta, whip up some vegetarian and vegan delights, or book an intimate interactive and fun cooking experience in the beautiful setting of our host's home garden!

Fun London food tours

Strolling around London like locals with your Eatwith personal guide! There are a lot of choices to pick for your food tours experience with Eatwith. Book your spot on one of our award-winning food walks and tours and see a side to the city you never knew!

Our food walks include a fun-filled walking tour of London's most iconic cheese hot spots, including Fortnum and Mason, Little Italy and Neal's Yard Dairy in Covent Garden. Or why not take a unique drive through the streets of Central London, taking in the city's best sights while indulging in afternoon tea on a double-decker bus? If that's not for you, how about the most indulgent 4-hour bike tour around London, to the best foodie hotspots with an awesome team of passionate foodies?

Whichever you prefer, there's something for everyone. You won't just be enjoying the finest cuisine in London town, but you'll be supporting some of the finest chefs in the city while you do. Eatwith are proud to support local chefs working outside the traditional restaurant environment. But then again, we're happy to take you to the finest local restaurants too!

Our local hosts

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