Cooking classes in Paris

French cuisine is arguably one of the most famous in the world, (and probably best too!), so why not give it a hand in your own kitchen? Put on a mask and apron, join a lesson, and we guarantee an amazing time with a French atelier full of inspiration and the passion for good traditional food.

Learn how to cook like a Parisian!

From learning how to make macarons to traditional French baking workshops, our Paris cooking classes are a must-do when you're in the City of Light. Our local hosts are there to guide you through the processing time, from selecting the finest, freshest ingredients in Le Marais market, going over the recipe, practicing, to serving and plating your creations like a pro.

So when you're visiting Paris, put on a chef hat for the day, join a couple of courses and learn to make French pastry, croissants, eclairs and traditional dishes, then sit down and enjoy a lively meal after the class with your teacher and other students. With their consent, you can gain the rights to go over a chef’s menu and kitchen and learn all you want from them! You and your partners will go home from the site with much thanks and new culinary skills, then you will be able to add French cuisine to your repertoire according to your preferences, making the travels last forever! re!

About Eatwith

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With Eatwith, you're invited to experience an authentic aperitif with French family, learn to make famous macarons and eclairs, or discover all the quaint farmers markets with a local guide.

Why Book Cooking Classes in Paris?

Have you ever wondered how croissants are made or longed for the best cuisine Paris can offer? Join one of our culinary workshops where you can learn to cook like Escoffier and prepare a meal that even the most critical foodist will love. 

Our amazing chefs and the instructor will prepare you from the very basics of preparing ingredients, which will be the highlights of your meals. The instructor will have you prepare a cordon bleu or tartare like the professionals and guide you step by step, just the way they learned at school and coaching you with more detailed information about the pinnacle of French gastronomy. They are ready to reply to any queries and will make sure you cook worthy chefsquares - or catering at hôtel de ville!

Meet our local hosts