Paris dining experiences

Where to eat in Paris

There is no end of incredible places to eat in Paris. Whether you're looking for an authentic French dinner with a view or leaning more towards healthy and organic options, our Eatwith hosts have an array of authentic experiences that will be the highlight of your stay.

Meeting and eating with a local host is the best way to get a real taste of France! Join traditional French dinners, healthy brunches, gastronomic tastings and more with friendly Parisians in their home or private venues.

About Eatwith

Eatwith is the world's largest community of food and travel lovers who are revolutionizing the way we eat. Book seats and join tables for one-of-a-kind dining experiences, cooking classes, food tours, pop-up events, rooftop parties and more, all hosted by friendly locals.

With Eatwith, you're invited to experience an authentic aperitif with French family, learn to make famous macarons and eclairs, or discover all the quaint farmers markets with a local guide.