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Discover Valencia with authentic hosts and local cuisine, immersing yourself in the hidden gems known only to the locals!

Eat through Valencia like a local!

If you find yourself exploring the vibrant city of Valencia and seeking memorable culinary adventures, you're in for a treat! Valencia is renowned for its exquisite seafood, including fresh squid, salted cod (bacalao), and anchovies, paired with authentic sauces like allioli or spicy bravas. Dive into traditional Valencian dishes like arroz a banda, fideuà, esgarraet, and paella for an authentic taste experience.

With a plethora of fantastic choices, navigating Valencia's culinary scene can be a delightfully daunting task. Begin by wandering through local neighbourhoods such as the lively Ruzafa district or explore the Central Market for exceptional gastronomic finds. Sample Valencian delicacies like caragols and esmorzaret as starters, enjoy arròs al forn or figatells as mains, and complete your meal with the delectable farton for a sweet finish. Vegetarians can relish dishes prepared with artichokes, broad beans, and fresh produce.

To enrich your gastronomic journey, consider joining a guided food tour led by enthusiastic local experts who will introduce you to the bustling food markets and top attractions in Valencia. From artichokes to oranges, almonds, and rice, Valencia offers a bounty of fresh, local ingredients.

For an extraordinary dining experience, join in Eatwith dinners with locals hosted in Valencia, or join an immersive cooking class to learn and cook the best paella!

Embark on your culinary exploration in Valencia and relish its diverse gastronomic delights!

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from the valencian paella to the catalan - food through spain!

When it comes to experiencing authentic Spanish cuisine, there is no better way than through local hosts around the country. From the Valencian paella to the Catalan delicacies, our hosts will take you on a culinary journey through Spain.

Valencia, known as the birthplace of paella, is a must-visit for any foodie. And what better way to taste this famous dish than by joining one of our host's authentic paella cooking classes? You'll learn how to make this iconic rice dish from scratch using fresh ingredients sourced directly from local markets.

But don't stop there - continue your gastronomic adventure in Barcelona, where our hosts will introduce you to their traditional dishes such as tapas, seafood paella, and crema catalana. These mouth-watering dishes will give you a taste of the rich Catalan culture and history.

In Madrid, our hosts will show you the best spots for churros and chocolate, a classic Spanish treat that is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. And don't forget to try the famous jamón ibérico, a cured ham made from acorn-fed pigs that is considered one of Spain's top delicacies.

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