Hello Petra-Nice to meet you! Please tell me about yourself.

Hi I’m Petra! I’m an artist and live in a beautiful home alongside the water in Amsterdam, (I know, I am really lucky). Before moving to Amsterdam, I had lived in Paris for a while where my love for art blossomed. Since 1996 I have worked as an art director for renowned international advertising companies. In 2004 I decided to quit my job as an art director to become a full-time artist to create my magisterial ‘Heart-World universe’. In the meantime I set up my own Charity Foundation, Heart-World (Making a Better World), for everyone who loves children. I also make international exhibitions and love to organize art-themed dinners!

Guests Enjoying Petras Unique Dining Experience in Amsterdam

Wow! Such an interesting life! When did you decide to join Eatwith and what made you join our community of hosts?

I like meeting people from all over the world and listening to their stories. Besides that, I am working by myself during the day so it is nice to be around new people in the evening. And of course I have a big passion for cooking and creating fresh and original dishes. It’s a kind of an artistic craft and I love to make people happy.

Petras Beautiful Riverside Patio in Amsterdam

What can people expect when they book a seat at your table and why should they do it?

Guests will dine with me and my friends surrounded by my artworks in an atmospheric room with candles burning and beautiful damask table settings. Between the courses I will show them my magisterial “Heart-World” creations and tell them all about my art. I will give a peek behind the scenes on how I create my artworks. I have multiple years of experience in hosting and organizing art dinners in my art studio! When the weather allows it, we can dine at the beautiful quay! My house is located directly next to the water – it doesn’t get more local than that!

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming an Eatwith host?

Treat and talk with your guests as they are part of your family. It’s the best way to make them feel at home.

Tell us the song you listen to while you are cooking!

I know that it seems strange but I love listening to Eminem.

What would be your insider tip for activities in Amsterdam?

The canals are beautiful they are like an open air museum. You can even have a look in one of the canal houses in the Museum van Loon! I highly recommend the Rijksmuseum with all the paintings of families who lived in the canal houses during the golden ages.

Petra Recommends visiting the Canals during your time in Amsterdam

I would  also recommend the EYE Film Institute! Besides, A’dam Toren, a 22-story high tower near the central station with restaurants, dance clubs and a great view over this historic city. The neighborhood of Oostelijke, which is where I am living, is an old harbor with restored warehouses and a lot of architecture. A really beautiful part ofAmsterdam! And while you are here, make sure not to miss a shop called Young Designers United, which is a very nice shop where I sell silk tunics. It is located next to Walem, a restaurant where you can enjoy dining with a nice view over the canal.