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Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel.

We created The Wanderlust Dinner because travel is what inspires us in and out of the kitchen. Travel opens our eyes, sparks our imagination and exposes us to new people, flavors, people and culture. To Eatwith is to Wanderlust and these dinners celebrate this spirit! Over the coming weeks, we will be meeting Eatwith hosts all around Europe and celebrating this Wanderlust spirit!


 The Wanderlust Dinner – Barcelona Edition

Ahh Barcelona… the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region. An enchanting seaside city, Barcelona combines everything we love about the Mediterranean culture – a relaxed pace, endless sunshine, stunning architectural treasures and of course, a world class dining scene from Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurants to humble, family-run tapas bars.

When taking a leisurely stroll down boulevards and getting lost in winding side streets taking you from one mystical old-worldly quarter to the next, why not discover the variety of local food experiences that the city has to offer? The Spanish food culture is all about making the most of the best local produce and enjoying delicious creations whilst socializing with family and friends, so these local food experiences are THE best way to discovering Spanish cuisine (the local way!).

Barcelona is full of friendly locals just waiting to share their culture and take you on a journey through the evolution of their cuisine. Discover the best of Spanish cooking at breakfast, lunch and dinner, from relishing in gourmet tapas with our host Oriol to enjoying a tasty BBQ on a sunny terrace with Carlos with breathtaking city views.

You can even add a bit of mystery to your dining experiences by opting for a luxury seafood meal on a boat with our gourmet chef Patricia, or experiencing Barcelona’s international cuisine with one of our local Japanese or Mexican menus!

One thing is for sure when you are delighting in Spanish cuisine with our fantastic local hosts, and that is that the food experience will be enjoyed very slowly; every foodie moment is relished in Spain, from choosing fresh and seasonal ingredients at the local market to cooking them and savoring every bite! If you want to extend your foodie experience, come together with other travelers and food enthusiasts alike and enjoy the best Spanish cooking class and market tour with the foodie sisters or take a tapas and wine tour with Fabio!

Ready for a delicious experience sharing tasty local food with our passionate foodies and travelers?! If your answer is yes, take a journey through the Catalan cuisine and choose an immersive food experience with a local! You’ll get an incredibly unique experience, great food and an exclusive insight into the culture of a city in one evening alone!