Rome is one of the European culinary capitals, boasting a wide range of foods that you absolutely must try when visiting the city.


Pizza, pasta, coffee, gelato, suppli, porchetta, artichokes, and stuffed zucchini flowers are just the tip of the culinary iceberg! If you really want to discover the best food in Rome, then the best thing is to eat where the locals do, in the company of locals! That’s why we’ve made a list featuring our top recommendations for the best places to eat in Rome. And since locals are the best people to tell you where to eat, we know that if you follow our guide, your stomach will thank you!

1. Salumeria & Ristorante Roscioli


This traditional deli and restaurant is a Roman institution! You can choose from over 150 types of cold cuts and 300 types of cheese to take home, or you can dine at the restaurant where they serve delicious plates and excellent local wines.

2. Romantic dinner at Gianicolo Garden


Immerse yourself in Gianicolo Garden and taste the fresh, innovative cuisine of chef Ruben at this romantic dinner. Experience a magical night surrounded by flowers, herbs, and trees, illuminated by romantic lights and candles. It’s the best way to experience the gardens like a local!

3. Pianostrada


Head to Pianostrada in Rome for the best freshly baked focaccia, paninis, creative pasta dishes, and colorful salads. You can either dine at a table or eat perched up on the bar that overlooks the beautiful open kitchen while watching the all-female team as they work.

4. Learn how to cook classic Italian food y a Roman mother-daughter duo

Cook like an Italian grandmother

If you want to learn how to cook amazing Italian food (instead of just eating it!), then you should definitely check out this cooking class. Enter the kitchen with Fiamma and Debora and discover how to make their special recipe for pasta  with a rich and creamy tiramisù.

5. Supplizio


If you’re looking for the best suppli al telefono in Rome, then look no further than Supplizio! Located in the center of the city, they serve up a wide assortment of gourmet versions of this classic Roman snack and street food. And remember, the cheesier the inside of the suppli, the better!

6. Vatican market food tour

Vatican market tour

It’s common knowledge that some of the best food is to be found at the local food market. Trionfale market is one of the oldest Roman food markets with over 273 stalls. At this Vatican market food tour, you’ll meet the best producers and stall-keepers and learn all about the history of their traditional products while tasting a variety of local delights at 7 different stops!

7. Pizzeria da Remo

Pizzeria del Remo

This hugely popular pizzeria is a crowded, no-frills restaurant that serves what locals say is probably the best pizza in Rome! Follow their lead and get there early if you want to find a table, then enjoy a scrumptious, thin and crispy pizza that all the Romans are crazy about.

8. The best homemade pasta, tiramisu, and polenta from scratch

Homemade pizza and pasta from scratch

There’s nothing quite like learning how to make pasta from scratch, especially when it’s from the very skilled hands of a local Roman! At this cooking class and lunch, you’ll learn how to prepare 3 classic Italian dishes: homemade pasta, tiramisu, and polenta, then you’ll feast on your creations in a beautiful Roman home with a view!

9. Biscottificio Innocenti


This vintage cookie shop has been in Rome for many years, serving up the best handmade cookies, biscuits, pizzette, and special holiday sweets. Located in Trastevere, they’ll give you a real taste of traditional Roman desserts and pastries.

10. A real Roman pizza-making class

Rome pizza making class

Learn how to make sensational, authentic Roman pizza from scratch so that you can continue to enjoy delicious Italian pizza even after you’ve left Rome! At this Roman pizza-making class, you’ll learn how to make a few different types of pizza from scratch, as well as a dessert, and then you’ll sit down to enjoy your delicious dinner with the Italian chef.

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