Part gastronomic dinner, part immersive game, Ramekins & Wine’s original supper club is a smash hit on London’s food and wine scene. 

It’s not every day that you can learn the art of food and wine pairing with a MasterChef semi-finalist. But Ramekins & Wine host Jamie Patterson, a MasterChef contestant in the 2017 series and a professional wine expert with 10 years experience, is offering Londoners just that.

Ramekins & Wine is one of the new kinds of supper clubs popping up all over London. The hosts, Jamie and Thea, are a dynamic couple who have embraced the ethos of a supper club – meeting new people, sharing experiences and unleashing their culinary creative. After hosting a few dinners with friends, they have turned their original concept into a fully-fledged and successful supper club, organizing everything from intimate dinners to large-scale parties.

So what is it all about exactly? As its name implies, Ramekins & Wine is an immersive dining experience where guests are served dishes specifically adapted for ramekins and expertly paired with wines designed to bring out each individual flavor.

But it’s not just a simple dinner – guests are also invited to play a game with their fellow diners. It’s perfect for ‘wine novices’ as not only is it fun, but Jamie also shares some of his oenology tips and tricks.

Ramekins & Wine

To start, the shared table is split into 7 teams, and each person takes turns to read out three wine descriptions, while the rest of the table try to guess which of the three they are drinking. It’s a perfect introduction to the wine world, made all the more enjoyable by pairings with dishes such as “The Second Spanish Hen” – pulled chicken with caramelized romesco, almonds and an anchovy dressing with lemon and garlic.

And just in time for the holiday season, Ramekins & Wine have created a special festive dinner featuring their popular ‘Festive Campfire Cookies’ – hot gingerbread with toffee and gingerbread ice cream, a delicate blend of sugar and spice that pairs brilliantly with an Australian Muscat or Tawny Port.  This December pop-up only has two dates available: Friday, 20 December 2019 and Tuesday, 31 December 2019 – the perfect way to end the decade.

“Food and wine pairing is often thought of as a pretentious pursuit with a lot of generalizations and stereotypes about what goes with what: light citrus-style whites must be paired with fish, for example,” says Jamie. “At Ramekins & Wine, we’re very scientific about it – matching acidity and sweetness levels in the food and wine with precision and constantly testing and developing new dishes, so we know for a fact that what we serve will be profound and thought provoking.”

Don’t miss out on this fun experience – find out more about Ramekins & Wine’s supper club and book your seat at their festive food and wine pairing today.