London’s cuisine is colorful, and the people behind it are ready to share

London’s food scene is made up of countless cuisines that all have their own flavors, plus a mix of cuisines  that create amazing fusion dishes. At Eatwith, chefs host cooking classes to share signature dishes thatrange from all different kinds of cuisines.

From seafood to pasta to sushi, there are endless choices when joining a cookery class according to your preferences. Bake biscuits, shake up a  cocktail, enjoy some wine while watching a game…these classes are always so full of fun and the possibilities are truly endless! Reserve a spot at one of our courses, then say goodbye to Chinese takeout and hello to your own wonderful kitchen.

Vegan Taiwanese Bao & Bottomless Wine: Cooking Class & Dinner

Bao. Light,fluffy,warm and bursting with flavor, bao is a delicacy that’s too good to miss. Neither Vietnamese nor Thai, bao is uniquely Taiwanese, and it goes perfectly with wine!Sophie, who runs the Avenue Cookery School in London, knows her way around bao buns and the perfect vegan fillings, and is excited to share what she knows with you. 

Sophie’s cooking class will guide you step by step, from preparing the pots and pans, ingredients, set up, process, cooking, and finally presentation, all with clear demonstrations. This experience will leave you with outstanding bao-making skills and a hearty dinner, including great wine to your heart’s content!

Authentic Ethiopian cooking class in London Food Market

London’s food scene is truly unique and features countless different cuisines and dishes.. Chefs who live in London’s Chiswick or Hampstead might as well come from a whole different corner of the world, just like Nazareth, master of authentic Ethiopian food. Learn how to use simple cooking techniques to prepare the best dishes, with spices as the key ingredient to create that unique London flavor.

 Beginners and professionals are welcome to go to the Eatwith website for more detailed information like price and venue. Then, join our masterclasses to learn how to serve up amazing dishes just like in a cafe or restaurant! 

Fresh Pasta Masterclass & Dinner with Pasta Expert from Naples

Even in London, Italian food is a staple, especially pasta, and making some properly needs skills and techniques Silvana masters. Having come from a family of traditional pasta makers, she is passionate about sharing her skills with Londoners and travelers alike. Learn how to mix different flours and ingredients, kneading, and tricks to make sure you achieve the best taste and texture in a private cookery class. Experience the sharing of culture and knowledge of the best food at the heart of London, basking in the diversity and color the city is famous for.

Eatwith allows you to share food virtually all over the world, and cooking classes are no exception. So, no matter where you are in the world, the Internet will take you to our chefs effortlessly. Check out our website for more information