Imagining the Parisian macarons, french pastry, and wine just gets so mouthwatering.

 Classic French dishes are always worth the trip to the country’s capital. The city is so full of life, croissants, éclairs, and other desserts a foodist always craves. From the restaurant, market, to chocolate tours, there is so much food to discover when in Paris.

Eatwith introduces unique experiences for guests to enjoy while in the city. Culinary workshops highlight the cuisine Paris is so famous for. With a professional chef or home cook, guests can join a workshop to master French specialties. Leave it to the professionals to work with the very best recipes, ingredients, and utensils. At Eatwith, they will share their secrets and share the key to perfect desserts and dishes to remake at home. Step into their kitchen for a pastry baking class or a November feast workshop. Sharpen your skills and join courses to learn the cooking traditions for the very best meals with a group of like minded people.

Besides the food tours, October Versailles visit, a walk down Rue Sedaine, there is still an activity you should not miss in Paris. Let a chef become your instructor to recreate your favorite French meals with your own touch. Get your aprons ready and join one of Eatwith’s favorite courses!

Secrets of French Pastry

Chloé graduated from Ferrandi, and has worked in prestigious kitchens across the city. Mastering the delicate art of making French pastries, she loves to share her experience. Guests are welcome to join her workshop and learn the secrets of making France’s famous desserts.

The seasonal menu requires daily market shopping for the best quality ingredients. Macarons, choux pastries, fruit tarts, and classic biscuits all taste absolutely marvelous, but are delicate to make. Chloé is more than willing to take guests from the basics, learning step by step to create works of art, really.

Macaron lesson with a Masterchef

Jean-Yves became the French masterchef after making his signature macarons. An expert in fusing cuisines across the world, he loves challenging the palette. The chef is also an avid storyteller, and hosts a class where he can share recipes as well as stories about food.

There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to macaron. It needs perfect technique and expertise to get delicious macarons with just the right texture and taste. Join Jean-Yves to spice up your macarons, make it with a twist after hitting all the basics.

Sauce up French Dishes

Françoise knows just how crucial sauces are to a French dish. Leading a catering company, she has dabbled in food for years, and mastered the art of the sauce. Inspired by her childhood and many culinary trips, her sauces really complement unique flavors and bring out the best taste in ingredients.

Making sauces does need attention to detail, in taste, texture, and aesthetics. Only the very best cooks make sauces from scratch, and Françoise would love to share the basics with you. Her cooking class is so full of fun and inspiration for aspiring cooks and foodies!

Energizing Breakfast of the Day

Olga loves living in Paris and the breakfast culture in the city. Besides exploring food, she loves experimenting with them and sharing what she has learned so far. A very hospitable person, she loves meeting travellers and becoming their Parisian friend, sharing the love of food.

There is nothing better than a classic baguette, jam, croissant, and hot drink to start off your day in Paris. Olga has been perfecting this meal for a decade, and is ready to share! Learn how to make an energizing breakfast like the Parisians have day to day, and have a ton of fun.

So really, make the most of your stay in Paris. Meet local cooks and learn their recipes. Get to know the secrets to make amazing French dishes and pastries that make the country so famous. Eatwith invites you to join benevolent hosts and professional chefs in their own kitchen. Make new friends, learn more about food, and have an amazing time in the city of light!