Have you been thinking about creating your own supper club, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

What is a supper club?

  • A supper club is an intimate social dining experience, hosted by a passionate  host or chef
  • Guests are usually seated around communal tables, giving them the opportunity to mix and chat with other guests – something you are unable to do in a restaurant setting
  • Supper clubs allow chefs to experiment, test new concepts and offer an opportunity for them to present their cuisine and culture
  • A supper club is a place to try new food and meet other local foodies in an intimate setting

Other commonly used terms

  • Pop-ups
  • Social dining
  • Communal dining

Where are supper clubs hosted?

  • In a local chef’s/host’s own home
  • In a private room in a restaurant
  • In a private event space or venue
  • In a unique setting i.e. private terrace, rooftop, garden, boat etc.

Why do people go to supper clubs?

Supper clubs work because of the mix of a social environment, a unique experience and good food.

How to start your own supper club

Have a clear concept

You need to ask yourself: why would people want to come and eat at my supper club? Make sure you have a strong USP (unique selling point) – ask yourself what makes your supper club different or think of a theme, offer something guests cannot find in a restaurant setting

Decide on the format

Every supper club is different, that is the beauty of supper clubs. Think about offering a welcome cocktail on arrival, to set the tone of the evening and it gives the guests the opportunity to mingle at the beginning and introduce themselves to one another. Decide on the number of courses you will serve and the style of dining – are you serving small tasting courses or are you serving large sharing platters. This will depend on the cuisine/culture/your style.

Chose your venue

Choose the perfect venue for your supper club. Are you able to host guests in your own home, or would you like to host guests in an external venue, such as a cafe or private event space.

Tell your story

By hosting a supper club you are creating a personal relationship between you and your guests – you may be inviting them into your own home, you’ll often be cooking and preparing dishes in an open kitchen and you’ll be personally hosting the event. Embrace this! Your guests have generally paid to come along because they are interested in the food you are cooking, where the ingredients and inspiration came from and your own personal stories. Make sure you weave this into the event. It really helps build a rapport with your guests and hopefully will mean you have lots of repeat customers for future events.

Set your price

We recommend starting with a lower price to attract guests and to start generating reviews. When chefs host a supper club for the first time, they are often testing a new concept and want to gauge the response from guests and foodies. Once you know the concept works and you’re generating bookings, you can gradually increase the price, but it is always best to set your supper club prices low and sell tickets at first , rather than block people from booking with a high price point.

Host a “test” event

Once you have decided on your concept and are ready to start hosting, make sure to host a “test” event with friends and family, who are able to share honest feedback with you before hosting your first guests.

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For more information on becoming an Eatwith host and starting your own local supper club, click here. Our community team would be very happy to welcome you to the Eatwith family!