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Palermo Street Food Tour

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Food walk, Italian

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12 guests

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6:30 PM (3 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Wine, Water

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Panino with panelle and crocchè
the beating heart of Palermo’s street food is a sesame bread stuffed with mashed potatoes “balls” or with chickpeas omelette.
made with a pizza-like dough covered with fresh tomato salsa, anchovies paste, capers and onion. Sfincione is the super tasty idea of pizza from Palermo!
Rice arancina
famous all around the world this rice ball is filled with different ingredients (meat, smoked ham, spinach, mixed cheeses and so much more) and then deep fried according to centuries-long tradition
Board with local cured meats and cheeses
according to Sicilian long-standing tradition, directly from the farms surrounding the city of Palermo.
Sicilian cannoli
the waffle, traditionally shaped around a hot metallic bar, filled with a sweet and creamy paste made with ricotta cheese, candied fruit, crunchy pistachios from the country surrounding the city or dark chocolate drops. A colourful as well as a sweet explosion of taste!
Sicilian cassata
traditional Sicilian pie to be eaten chilled. It is made with fresh ricotta cheese, dried fruit, wheat paste and other ingredients according to a hundred years old recipe.
Sicilian granita
it's perfect for chilling in a warm summer afternoon. It is served in a glass and it is meant for concluding in a great way a rich meal. Fresh fruit, sugar and ice are its simple ingredients but the taste is incredible by itself… Imagine it topped with coffee, chocolate or fruit!
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