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Milan Aperitivo Street Food Tour

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Type of the event

Food walk, Italian

Maximum guests

12 guests

Time of the event

5:30 PM (3.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Cocktail, Wine, Water

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food tour
Italy in general, and Milan in particular, have elaborated several alcoholic concoctions, now renowned and loved all around the world. Directly from the hands of mixologists, you will try excellent cocktails whose main components are the spirits that made Milan’s and Italy’s history.

Italian wine
Italy is wines’ homeland, and all around Milan several famous wine yards have their premises and production sites. Our tour presents a selection of the best labels among Italian wine cellars.
Italian cheeses
in the framework of a unique location, you will taste the best Italian cheeses and get to know their organoleptic features, as well as their preparation techniques, which make them so exquisite.

Chopping board with cold cuts and other high-quality snacks
you will find a wide selection of cured meats, gourmet snacks and tastings of local preparations.
Gourmet stuffed potatoes
nothing seems simpler than baked potatoes. Yet, from the ingredients’ simplicity, wisely matched with a mix of tradition and creativity, the most extraordinary preparations were created. Such are the potatoes you will taste, topped or stuffed with refined ingredients
Coffee & dessert
we will end our tour with a selection of delicious pastries and an excellent expresso in one of the oldest and most loved coffee shop in Milan.
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