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Marbella Tapas Food Tour

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Type of the event

Aperitif, Spanish

Maximum guests

12 guests

Time of the event

6:30 PM (3.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Beer, Wine, Aperitif, Soft Drinks

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Tapas Food TOur
Pescaito frito
A mix of different types of fish (typically anchovies, acedias, hake, calamari and shrimps), that is fried after being tarnished in flour. Once the fish is ready, salt and fresh lemon are added.
Salmorejo casero
Salmorejo is the Andulisian variant of gazpacho. It is typically eaten in summer to refresh one’s palate. This creamy could soup is made of tomatoes, bread crumbs, vinegar from Jerez, EVO oil and salt.
Flautitas de pollo con guacamole
Dough rolls filled with chicken and garnished with guacamole, tomatoes, basil and sour cream.
Chorizo de bellota
Cured sausage of acorn-fed pork served with bread and olives.
Berenjenas de almagro
Aubergines cooked in oil with cumin, pepper, sweet paprika, salt, garlic, white wine vinegar and water. - served with bread.
Croquetas caseras de jamón
These delicious croquettes are cooked with bechamel sauce (flour, butter, milk and nutmeg), salt, pepper, onion, EVO olive oil, ham, eggs and bread crumbs. With these ingredients the croquettes are brought into their typical oval shape and fried in hot oil.
Ice cream
2 tastes (2 balls) in cup or cone (normal cone, wafer, or chocolate cone). Homemade ice cream, produced by the most historical and traditional ice saloon of Marbella.
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