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Lake Como Food Tour

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Type of the event

Food walk, Italian

Maximum guests

12 guests

Time of the event

11:00 AM (3.5 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Coffee, Water

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food tour
Chopboard of cured meats and a glass of local wine
cured meats of very high quality accompanied by a lovely glass of wine served in a historical wine shop is the best way to start a traditional lunch.
Pizza Gourmet
we could not miss a pillar of Italian street food, which is really appreciated here in Como. In a delicious and historical bakery we will taste a slice of pizza like real people from here do, walking!
Polenta uncia/ polenta with braised meat

the queen of the table in the Como area as well as in the whole Alpine area. Polenta here is obtained by mixing and cooking corn and buckwheat flour and then served with braised meat or with cheeses and melted butter (polenta uncia).

in Valtellina dialect “sciat” means toad, but they are actually delicious and crunchy pancakes with a stringy cheese heart.
Nuvola cake
literally "cloud". The shape resembles that of a large plumcake, while the texture is something halfway between panettone and pandoro, but much softer ... like a cloud, precisely! Inside it, a filling of apricot jam!
Ice cream
Alternatively, you can enjoy a delicious ice cream while walking along the romantic lakeside promenade.
because a respectable Italian lunch can only end with a good espresso coffee.
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