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Food walk, Italian

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11:30 AM (3.5 hours)

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Handmade Neapolitan “tarallo”
It represents the most traditional street food in Naples. A salty and crumbly biscuit, with a dash of black pepper, almonds and lard, the latter being the basic ingredient capable of granting a unique taste. A must try!
Genovese ziti
It is one of the most known masterpieces of Naples’ culinary tradition. The ziti are a thick and rough sort of long pasta, perfect for grasping the sauce: you will try them in one of the most historical trattoria in the area.
Meatballs in tomato sauce
among the best ones in Naples, to be served accompanied by freshly baked bread, impossible not to dip it in the sauce!
a delicious cone filled with fried bites of different sorts. It is the symbol of Neapolitan street food since the 19th century and never stops surprising with its small rice balls, veggies, and so much more!
potato croquettes with a soft and melted heart of provola or mozzarella (Italian cheeses). A not-to-be-missed!
traditional dessert of Naples. Famous all around the world because of its mushroom-like shape. Impossible to miss.
Sfogliatella riccia
the original preparation comes from more than 400 years ago, in a monastery close to Amalfi. It arrived in Naples thanks to chef Pasquale Pinturo in 1800, and he was the one who consolidated the recipe in what we now all know and love.

the best coffee in Italy is in Naples. You will try it in one of the most historical bar in Naples, considered as gourmet all over the world.
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